Joey Serricchio’s exhibition, Pangea, will be on view starting Tuesday June 1st through Friday June 4th 2021, between the hours of 8am to 10pm. Nine artworks will be displayed throughout the Senior Project Gallery at 870 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105, the flagpole on the roof of Art Center’s 950 building, also at S. Raymond Ave, and online.

The exhibition exists in three parts over the span of four days. It consists of hybridized nautical flags hung on a rooftop flagpole, large geometric inflatable capsids presented in a white-walled gallery space, and a QR poster posing as a caption. All works will be presented fluidly, being subbed out, rearranged, and sifted throughout the week. This presents the opportunity for viewers to miss the full span of the exhibition.

The online version of the show is accessible through the QR code, which will reveal a group of changing ASCII artworks, describing the topography of supercontinents that both preceded and followed the world's current formation.

All the works and the performance of the exhibit revolve around miscommunication and contradiction. The flags communicate mixed signals, the lumpy capsids are far from efficient, and the ASCII maps are quiet and small. Irregularity adds to the layers of inconsistency. The work asks for its audience to be aware of their temporary nature and to celebrate fluidity.

This exhibition, curated by Joey Serricchio, aligns with his celebration of liability. His work asks individuals to reassess their responsibility and participation in the world and systems around them. It also appreciates efficiency and prolonged change noting the value of both as crucial factors for sustained growth.

You may access the full checklist at any time by using the number letter code in the URL of the ASCII artwork as a password at the bottom of the page.

The Flagpole [24hrs].

Senior Projects Gallery [8am - 10pm].

Online [24 hrs].


Instagram: @Joeyfolio

Twitter: @Jserricchio


Location: The Flagpole [24hrs]. Senior Projects Gallery [8am - 10pm]. Online [24 hrs].

Contact: Website / Instagram / Twitter / Email